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Photography Art, Fine Art Photography or Fine Art Painting, it’s all art to Rhonda. She likes to mix it up. After getting a degree in Art and Photography, she found a way to combine the traditional with the digital world. She has taught, judged, worked in galleries as a coordinator and a curator. She has won numerous awards for her art.

What's Real? Mannequins of the World, was a solo exhibit in Sacramento's Viewpoint Photography Gallery's Step Up Gallery. Look for more photos in her portfolio drawer. Check out her slide show on this web site. She has been in many Blue Line Gallery exhibits including 2 pieces in the latest Art Deco show. A show coordinated with the Sac Art Deco Society.

She was the founding presidnet of the LH Photography Group and a founding BOD member for Art League of Lincoln. The Photography Group had a group exhibit in the Crocker Museum, 36 Views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Rhonda is featured in the following magazines; Aug. 2012 PSA, May 2011 Shutterbug Photography, under Web Profiles by Joe Farace. "To say I am honored would be an understatement. This man has a way with words." www.shutterbug.com

KVIE Art Aucition 2012 and 2011 she won the Jurors Award in Photography for her "A Hemingway Mood" in 2011. During the auction she was a "Bell Ringer". (Meaning, the bid went over the retail value.)

Rhonda’s fine art photography can also be found in Lincoln's Simple Pleasures, with the LH Photography Group, and Art League of Lincoln Gallery exhibits. John Campbell, her husband, can also be seen in these locations.

Member PSA

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Sande Parker http://windsongphotographytoday.com/

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All Photography and Art are copyright by the artist, Rhonda Campbell.

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